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Artist Series - Justin Aulis Long

OBEY Clothing and Justin Aulis Long have collaborated on an exclusive collection. We worked with artist and DJ to create a range of clothing as well as a mixtape and zine all with exclusive artwork. The collection will be available at our flagship stores and on on Saturday, May 4th as well as in person at our launch event Story of the Third Eye at Kosmic & Force Placement Los Angeles. 

Chaos Magician, Sonic Homeric Poet, Child of Medusas, The Function, Circling Vultures, Smart Bar resident.

Justin Aulis Long is an artist, alchemist and selector that utilizes themes of the uncanny, ritual action, and collective effervescence to create psychedelic and surreal vortexes during communal dance gatherings. By applying this combination of practices and techniques, Long is able to weave artistic and sonic narratives that exist within the liminal spaces where light meets dark.

Justin is a member of Circling Vultures, a sound project that engages in post-punk behavior, and transmissions from warehouse parties past, present and beyond. Long is also a LIES recording artist, and long time resident of Smart Bar Chicago.




A dead bird quietly sings on the roadside as it stares blankly at a smoldering sun. Kissing fate as the razor sharp blade of the guillotine smiles, while whispering sweet promises of justice yet unfulfilled. Evenhandedness, outweighed by the left hand path. Mirror reflections of the self viewed through an unforgiving lens of chaos, situating the roll of dweller within the labyrinth.

The DNA of Asterion is potent and thrives within. Classical ideals of beauty are an age old human misconception. The innocent continue to be draped in the shroud of the scapegoat. Messages retrieved from within a broken bottle.

Signals will continue to illuminate the signified, as golems will continue to rise from the detritus of fallen empires that are too rich to understand their decay. Shed the misty goggles of nostalgic memory in order to navigate the spectacle of current events. Thresholds appear through magickal actions. The distant light of stars past are our true parents. Unicorns are real, they just don't all behold horns.