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Artist Spotlight: Cellphone Lottery


From Left to Right: Zay, Anklegod, Rader Turner (Co-Founder), Cole Taylor (Co-Founder), Tedro Kassa, Dirty CPU

Up and coming photographer Mats Schram teams up with collective group Cellphone Lottery to deliver looks from the upcoming Fall 2019 collection. 

Cellphone Lottery focuses on elevating the local creative culture primarily through producing concerts and events within the hip-hop community. Created by Rader Turner and Cole Taylor, they aim to create a platform that allows musical artist to express their own perspectives through different mediums. Composed of six artists with deep roots in design, film and nightlife they hope to help put Vancouver on the map.

Check out the artists below and make sure to follow them in social media.

Anklegod - @anklegod


Anklegod is a 17 year old recording artist and producer out of Vancouver BC Canada. At the young age of 14 years old, Ankle taught himself to produce and record music. His natural talent and versatility allows him to connect with the listener no matter their mood, or preference. 

In the upcoming months Anklegod will be performing alongside Unotheactivist, Yung Tory, Lil Mosey, 88Glam, and Lil Tracy to name a few.  

Dirty CPU - @dirty_cpu

Dirty CPU

Dirty CPY is 20 years old and brings a youthful yet abstract energy to the crew. Dirty possesses an extremely unique sound, voice and skillset that makes it difficult to place his music in a specific genre. Anklegod and Dirty grew up together and cut their teeth producing music in Ankle's parent's basement.

Tedro Kassa - @tedrokassa

Tedro Kassa

Tedro Kassa is a rapper based in Atlanta, GA but calls Vancouver his second home. He spent his life on a skateboard and was tossed in front of a camera as a model. This eventually led to associating with the Awful records camp, who made him realize he had something to say. He then started rapping and has grown as an artist over the years.

Zay - @lilpa.pazay


Zay is a 15 year old recording artist out of Vancouver BC Canada. She s unrestricted in her capabilities and expresses an emanating confidence, power, and style. Coming from a deep musical aground she has been immersed in professional vocal training most of her life ranging from Opera, to pop, classical and soul. Zay's versatility is astonishing with a sonic portfolio that includes various genres.

Andrew Verret - @gloom.66

Andrew Verret

Andrew Verret aka Gloom is Cellphone Lottery's DJ. He's only 21 and has an immensely creative foundation that goes beyond his killer instinct behind the decks. He's a photographer, stylist, and responsible for all the tracks being played at shows they book. 

Ackee Tecumseh - @ackeetecumseh


Ackee Tecumseh is a Berlin based but Vancouver bred rapper with a long history of throwing parties. He is a community leader and philanthropist. One of Cellphone Lottery's closest friends, he continues to contribute to visions they are trying to create.

Mind of Martin - @mindofmartin


Mind of Martin is a wizard behind the lens and a key factor in visual development of the brand. He is only 19 years old taking initiative and teaching himself how to professionally film and put together impressive re-cap footage. Martin represents the heart and will of the company. 

Shanice - @onepunchshan


Shanice, 22 (left) is Cellphone Lottery's day one. She was the first to reach out to the crew offering her creative services which led her to hop on as the party shooter. She is an extremely talented tattoo artist and contributes to setting up shows and gatherings.