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Last Friday, we celebrated our latest Artist Series in collaboration with artist/illustrator Lennard Kok called 'Second Nature' at the OBEY Art Space in Amsterdam, releasing February 27. 

Besides the pre-release of the collection (shirts, a tote bag, a bottle and two numbered screen printed posters), Lennard made an exclusive booklet and a mural at the Art Space.

Lennard lives and works in Utrecht. He studied illustration at The School of Arts Utrecht and works as a freelance illustrator.

His drawings look minimalistic but when you look closer you see a witty and sometimes surreal narrative. Lennard chooses a clean aesthetic, using bold and black lines because he wants to tell a story as simple as possible.

The collection, including a few left over signed prints will release next Thursday at selected stores and through our webstore.

Thanks Lennard for your hard work and incredible art and a special thanks to everyone that showed up and made this one unforgettable!