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Los Angeles based artist Francisco Reyes. Jr. is better known by his alias Never Made. For over a decade, Francisco has been pursuing his passion in Graphic Design. His experience as a musician in his late teens and early 20s taught him the value of hard work. Coupled with his involvement in the skateboarding scene as well, Francisco’s unwavering DIY ethic continues to stress the importance of building from the ground up. After graduating from college with a degree in Graphic Design, Francisco was unable to find a job in his field. Working odd jobs by day and refining his craft by night, Francisco was able to land an internship at Studio Number One with his biggest inspiration, Shepard Fairey. Working with industry giants like Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson only helped to cement what Francisco already knew—this was his dream job. His hard work and dedication were evident, resulting in a full-time position with the company. Taking a page from Shepard’s OBEY campaign, Francisco coined the alias Never Made. Under Never Made, Francisco parlays his vision through a wide range of items, including, but not limited to: lapel pins, t-shirts, sculptures, and limited edition screen prints. While he continues to
develop Never Made both as a brand and an aesthetic, he maintains the principle that things are never made, they’re earned through hard work and persistence.

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