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OBEY RECORDS Ep 28: Evan Geesman


Geesman is a Santa Ana native and electronic artist who is part of the GRN + GLD collective. They DJ and perform music all over the OC and LA but have an exclusive residency at the Que Sera in Long Beach the last Saturday of every month. Occasionally, they also work with other collectives like Condina Records & Rotu. Geesman credits its success to Benny Edles, also known as Dirty Merlin, the mastermind behind GRN + GLD collective. On his own, though, Geesman writes and releases his own music.

His solo record NewAgeSewAge is influenced by low-fi house music which he discovered at an illegal warehouse party in Los Angeles. NewAgeSewAge is equal parts electronic, jazzy, and even orchestral and is influenced by Ross From Friends, Glenn Astro (who he got to remix one song from the album), Frank Ocean, and Erykah Badu. To me, it gives off a vibe similar to Tomorrows Modern Boxes by Thom Yorke.

You can check his new album HERE.

Art by Devon Rae | Excerpt by Juan Gutierrez | Curated by Glen Repol