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The Jaunt x Hense at the OBEY Art Space

We are very proud to announce our third show at our pop up gallery space in Amsterdam, opening next Friday at the OBEY Art Space: Hense x The Jaunt exhibition and book release.

The Jaunt is a project that combines the two best things in life; Art & Travel. Their mission is to take artists out of their comfort zone and send them to a destination they have never been to before, with the sole purpose of finding inspiration. The artists spends a few days on location and explore their new surroundings, in whichever way they see fit. Going for a hike, drawing in sketchbooks for hours on end, or meeting new people along the way. Once they artists return from their trip, their newfound inspiration is translated into a limited edition silkscreen print, which is sold exclusively through The Jaunt. 

In the beginning of November 2019, The Jaunt published a second book, which chronicles the trips of forty artists and documents their creative processes through stories, photos, sketchbooks, and the artworks created inspired by their trips. The book is for sale through selected retailers and will be available for purchase at the exhibition. 

For this exhibition they send the Atlanta based artist Hense on a trip to island Vlieland, to become inspired by the island and its surroundings to create a new body of works. 

Taking on creating artwork from an early age, Alex Brewer quickly took on the moniker Hense and gained notoriety for his graffiti. Two decades later, Alex combines a street culture point of view with abstract compositions to vibrant colors, playful lines and a wide variety of shapes. Always focusing on the relationship between those elements and their interaction. While his work has evolved over the years, his tools largely remain consistent with his earlier years as a graffiti artist. Using rollers, spray paints and house paints inside the studio and outside for his murals.

The Jaunt has been in operation since 2013, and have sent out nearly 60 artists on trips all over the world. They've previously worked together with artists like Cleon Peterson, Lennard Kok, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, Niels Shoe Meulman, and many others. 

Alongside the exhibition The Jaunt is celebrating the release of their second book publication, with a special artist edition cover by Hense and an exclusive OBEY tee.

Come to the OBEY Art Space in Amsterdam and join us for a drink on the opening night!

OBEY Art Space
Barentszstraat 317
1013NN Amsterdam