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We are very proud to announce our upcoming show at our pop-up gallery space in Amsterdam, opening this Friday September 20th at the OBEY Art Space starring the great Christoper Wright.

Christopher Wright is a Bristol based illustrator, who has been stranded on TURBO ISLAND for half a decade. This weekend we rescue him and bring him to the mainland where he will be fed and cared for. Armed with a pen and a MacBook, what has the castaway been up to all these years? 

The Brit is best known for his illustrations and the infamous Turbo Island Tee's. A wide variety of designs, paying homage to his favourite artists and songs. From Philip Glass to Arthur Russell. He loves messing around with his favourite influences with playful results. I almost forgot to mention his designs for the OBEY x Red Light Radio Collection.

For this exposition, Chris shipped all these shirts next to some of his best prints, old and new, to Amsterdam. To celebrate this occasion he made a limited numbered print, which are also signed! (50). They will be on sale during the opening. 

Come by, enjoy his artwork, buy a print, listen to great tunes, take a look at his shoe made with our friends from WARRIOR SHANGHAI or just get hammered next Friday. 

The Exhibition opens Friday September 20th at 16 and will be open during the weekend: 13.00-17.00.

OBEY Art Space, Barentszstraat 317, Amsterdam.